Cigar Reviews

Cigar reviews by amateur connoisseur, Ralph Severson


Java Cigar by Drew Estate

Man! This one is good!! This cigar packs a punch. Not in strength, but in flavor. Subtle sweet Nicaraguan that features a dark oily Maduro wrapper.Long-fillers infused during aging with the delicious flavor of gourmet mocha. Smokes smooth start to finish leaving an extremely pleasant aroma in it’s wake. I immediately ordered a box of…

The Edge

The Edge - Toro Maduro cigar by Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel’s The Edge – Toro Maduro cigar was mild, bland and and nothing to write home about. It is supposed too have wood, caramel and cocoa flavors with a finish that is dry and long with a hint of pepper. I experienced none of that for my $5.60.

La Herencia Cubana

La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte - Belicoso Cigar

5 Vegas Classic

The 5 Vegas Classic

Bella Vanilla

The Bella Vanilla Cigar

Mellow mild flavor of vanilla bean. Even burn, smooth smoke, wonderful aroma. This was a great change of pace. On 12/18/10 I smoked another one. It became brittle, the wrapper flaked off and the filler eroded during smoke. Weird. I check my humidor and everything else appears to be okay, temperature is consistent. Again, weird.

Sun Grown

Sun Grown Cigar by Rocky Patel

After toasting this this cigar it lit nicely, burned evenly and smoked smoothly. No tongue bite or lingering harsh after effects. Earthly and spicy with a cedar base and medium to full bodied with a tangy finish. This baby cost me $5.59 – no complaints here.

Rubusto Maduro

Rubusto Maduro by Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve

This $7.99 cigar has an aged mixture of Nicaraguan long-fillers with a Maduro wrapper. 5.5 x 54. It was hard to light, had an uneven burn, a hard draw and the wrapper flaked – a lot. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best, I’ve give this one a 3 for…