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Ralph Severson

Ralph Severson

I’m into boardgames, wine, the occasional cigar, ceramics, dancing, traveling, reading, listening to audible books, movies, live entertainment, riding motorcycles, collecting Matchbox, Hummels, boardgames, Star Trek plates and Star Trek ornaments by Hallmark. In the casino, Craps is my game.

I updated another website of mine to compliment yet another passion, cooking. It’s free for users to use so if you are looking for recipes or have recipes to share, please do. I’m also hoping to implement some ideas / updates in the very near future.

Some of my favorite readings include Harry Bosch a series by Michael Connelly, the Alex Cross series by James Patterson, Jack Reacher series by Lee Child, The Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell, and books by Dan Brown. Recently I’ve been reading everything by Joseph Wambaugh – he cracks me up with his wit. My favorite narrator for books on audible is Scott Brick.

When it comes to music I’m open to most, it depends on my mood. On the radio I’m a surfer – if news, advertisements or a song I’m not into is playing, I scan ahead.

Movies: Avatar, The Hangover, Star Trek, James Bond 007 movies, Star Wars series, most any action, adventure, drama and sci-fi.

Favorite TV shows currently include Burn Notice, House, 24, NCIS, Law & Order (all), Being Human, CSI (all), Leverage, Game of Thrones, and Dexter. Past: The Shield, Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, NYPD Blues, Chuck, Human Target, True Blood, Oz, Doctor Who.

With this blog, I guess you could say I now dabble in a little bit of writing.

What do I do?

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