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Toro Maduro by Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve

Earthy, spicy and loaded with subtle nuances that include coffee and wood. At times the draw of spice is that of pepper – a blast of pepper! Not much in the way of coffee and it burned unevenly. Overall experience? Not worth the money at $9.40 a stick.


Java Cigar by Drew Estate

Man! This one is good!! This cigar packs a punch. Not in strength, but in flavor. Subtle sweet Nicaraguan that features a dark oily Maduro wrapper.Long-fillers infused during aging with the delicious flavor of gourmet mocha. Smokes smooth start to finish leaving an extremely pleasant aroma in it’s wake. I immediately ordered a box of…

The Edge

The Edge - Toro Maduro cigar by Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel’s The Edge – Toro Maduro cigar was mild, bland and and nothing to write home about. It is supposed too have wood, caramel and cocoa flavors with a finish that is dry and long with a hint of pepper. I experienced none of that for my $5.60.