Graycliff Avelino Lara 80th

Graycliff Avelino Lara 80th

Avelino Lara 80th

This cigar claims to be  full-flavored creation comprised of the finest, aged tobaccos. Hand-selected leaves aging in true Cuban fashion since – in many cases – 1995. A complex mixture of vintage long-fillers from Nicaragua, Honduras, Brazil, and Costa Rica marries inside a feisty Ecuador Habano binder. On the outside, a gorgeous Sumatra wrapper graces each vitola. A rich, leathery leaf with ample oils and heady nuances. Each puff engulfs the palate with chewy, velvety smoke and leaves behind an exquisite level of satisfying nuances. Roasted coffee and cream mingle with a rich, earthy core as traces of dark tobacco and white pepper enter the fray. The finish is long, toasty, and sweet, rounding out a true masterpiece from a true cigar artisan.

I however did not experience such flavors. Earthy mostly with some pepper. Not sweet, but not harsh either. Mild to be sure.  Definitely, to me anyway, not worth $12 a stick. I wish I hadn’t bought as many as I did. SO why did I? The reviews, the description, and mostly because of the history, which I will share with you…

…To the average enthusiast, Graycliff cigars are merely high-priced ultra-premiums carefully formed by a small team of just one dozen rollers inside a tiny factory in the Bahamas. However, the roots of this brand are entirely Cuban. The late, cigar-making legend Avelino Lara is responsible for perfecting and maintaining the luxurious Graycliff name. Avelino, the man who created the original Cuban Cohiba, is the man behind Graycliff cigars. His passion, skill, and knowledge for tobacco and premium cigars remains the red, beating heart of Graycliff; and no Graycliff cigar captures his unrivaled spirit quite like Graycliff Avelino Lara 80th. Crafted to celebrate Avelino’s 80th birthday, this special cigar was sold exclusively at the Graycliff Resort and Cigar Factory for a hefty sum. A ‘phantom’ cigar of sorts never intended to see the light outside Graycliff’s historical walls. Only 400,000 cigars were made and few remain.

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