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I made this suggestion to Audible and Amazon but Apple is an absolute nightmare of hoops to jump through to make a recommendation, or I’m just missing something obvious. Anyway, I read physical books and ebooks as well as listen to them. There should be a way for me to flag a book as having been read so that it displays “You’ve Read It” just like “In My Library” (on Audible.com) displays for purchased books. Also, if tagged as read, I should be able to rate and review them – even though I’ve not purchased form a particular vender. This should be a system across all platforms: iBooks, iTunes, Audible, Amazon. As it is now it is so time consuming to filter through what I’ve read, and not read across the various venders so that I can make a new purchase. I should say purchases as its typical of me to buy a half dozen books or more at a time to read or listen to.

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