Steam Punk Branded Foundry Cigar

Foundry Cigar

Foundry Cigar

The entire branding of the Foundry cigar by Foundry Tobacco Company screams Steampunk, a design era/fad that I love in board games and in books that I read. I could not find any information on the blend for this cigar. Supposedly it’s a secret. And looks like they are made in the USA. Hummmm.  Each year new batches of cigars supposedly are to boast a new ornamental ring. The one I smoked had a “gear” style and to be honest it’s the main reason I bought it to try. It was pretty good. Mild to medium in body and natural with maybe a slight hint of cedar – not sure, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It smoked smooth and creamy all the way through without any bite. Nice experience but not in my top ten list. But way cool design and packaging.I smoked this jewel in a casino bar and paired it with a beer called Sun Long Wee Mac – which I really liked!

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