Cigar Reviews

Cigar reviews by amateur connoisseur, Ralph Severson

The Montecristo Habana Cigar

The Montecristo Habana, Cuba Cigar

Montecristo Cuban CigarThis cigar burned beautifully with a sweet aroma and was rich tasting all the way down to the creamy finish. I’ll need to pick up a few more of these next time I travel south of the border, which, just so happens I’ll be doing in a few weeks.

La Vieja Habana Connecticut

La Vieja Habana Cigar

Another Hit by Drew EstateThis cigar does not make my top ten list but it is a good smoke. It is smooth and creamy with notes of earth and coffee. Made by Drew Estate and are handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua. These gems weigh in at less than $3.00 per stick.

Tatiana Mocha

Tatiana Mocha Cigar

Arango Sportsman

Arango Sportsman

Vanilla Very Mild Maduro  This cigar has a light vanilla flavoring throughout the filler – not just on the tip like other cigars! The full filler is actually flavored to ensure an even tasting cigar with long-lasting aroma from start to finish. To me, the packaging looks like a novelty cigar. In a way I…

Rum Runner

Rum Runner Caribbean Cigar

262 Paradigm

262 Paradigm

262 Paradigm is a medium to full bodied cigar. The construction is fantastic. A perfect draw. The ash burned evenly, white and solid. The test was mild with a faint hint of citrus, later mixing with notes of chocolate and then coffee. I really enjoyed this one. Now if I can remember where I bought…

Graycliff Avelino Lara 80th

Graycliff Avelino Lara 80th

This cigar claims to be  full-flavored creation comprised of the finest, aged tobaccos. Hand-selected leaves aging in true Cuban fashion since – in many cases – 1995. A complex mixture of vintage long-fillers from Nicaragua, Honduras, Brazil, and Costa Rica marries inside a feisty Ecuador Habano binder. On the outside, a gorgeous Sumatra wrapper graces…

Jamaica Heritage Cigar

by Bandit

Guaranteed Jamaican Cigar

Guaranteed Jamaican cigars are smooth, mild and mellow with an easy draw.

I found Guaranteed Jamaican cigars to be smooth, mild and mellow with an easy draw. I prefer a relaxing smoke and this cigar is just that, relaxing. This would be a cigar I’d recommend to someone new to cigar smoking. It definitely has a laid-back taste.

CAO Criollo Cigar

The CAO Criollo Cigar